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Airfiltronix G-30 Fume Containment Hood. Rankin Biomedical Corporation.

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Airfiltronix G-30 Fume Containment Hood

Airfiltronix G-30 Fume Containment Hood

The ‘G’ Series containment hood systems are designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment. Contaminated air is drawn through a variety of filters to remove pollutants. Filters are available for both vapors and particulates and they can be combined for multiple substance filtration.

The hoods are constructed of clear, 1/4″ thick, acrylic panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required). They come equipped with a clear vinyl curtain providing easy access while maintaining optimal airflow across the opening (optional door and sash configurations are available upon request). The hoods can be made to order with custom sizes and features tailored to your specific needs.
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Airfiltronix G-30 Fume Containment Hood Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Airfiltronix
Category: Fume Containment Hoods
Dimensions (W x D x H):30 x 33 x 18 in
Weight:60 lbs
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