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Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer

Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer

The Linistain GLX automatic slide stainer is a compact unite containing all the elements you need to perform a variety of stainging procedures in both histology and cytology labs. It has a heated drying compartment and continuous water rinse that can be selected where desired. A serioes of 28 dishes will load a variety of stains, solvents, and other reagents. With continous feed floading, you dont need to accumulate bathces of slides for staining. A built in fume extraction unit with an easity replaced activated charcoal filter reduces emission of xylene and other fumes into laboratory areas. The temperteure range is 50-80 degrees C. Dimensions 14 X 59 X 10 in. Operates on 11 5V, 60 Hz. Wt. 65 lbs.

Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Thermo Shandon
Category: Linear
Model:Linistain GLX
Dimensions (W x D x H):14 X 59 X 10 in
Weight:65 lbs
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