Rankin Biomedical

Experience the many advantages of partnering with Rankin

Premium Refurbishing Quality

Rankin’s rigorous refurbishing processes enable us to provide like-new equipment, both aesthetically and functionally. We meet or beat OEM quality.

Exceptional Prices & Value

buying Rankin’s professionally refurbished lab equipment is a wise alternative to buying expensive new equipment. Price is the big difference, not quality.

Vast Industry Knowledge & Experience

when doing business with Rankin, you are buying into our strong foundation of 23 years of technical refurbishing experience which we support you with. Rankin’s technicians are the best in the business.

Trusted Product Reliability

our product development team weeds out inferior products so you don’t get burned buying junk. Rankin sells only equipment brands and models that have been field and time-tested and deemed to be reliable long term.

Honest Treatment

Rankin’s business philosophy is to give you what you expect. We do not stand near the growing crowd of “refurbishing” companies that misrepresent their abilities and sell equipment they are hoping will last a few months or so. We do not gamble with our customer’s money.

Comprehensive Range of Products

Rankin specializes in equipping whole labs so we carry a full line of refurbished and new products that cover most every step in the anatomic pathology tissue process – from labeling to grossing to processing to microscopy to slide imaging.

Friendly and Efficient Customer Service

our customer and sales staff are courteous and attentive to your needs. They are ready and prepared to work with you along the sales process.

Consultative Services

reliable product advice is available to you to find the best solutions to your specific needs.

Rock Solid Warranties

Rankin provides one year parts and labor warranty on our Gold level refurbished equipment. New equipment comes with at least one year warranty. We offer limited warranties on international sales and un-refurbished or partially refurbished equipment.

Extended Service Contracts

put your mind at ease knowing that Rankin has your back keeping your equipment running smoothly. We provide various service contracts to meet your needs.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

you will appreciate our attentive and knowledgeable communication. Our high repeat-customer rate reflects our customer’s loyalty and long-term satisfaction.

Tiered Refurbishment Levels

GOLD - Extreme refurbishment with 1 year parts and labor warranty

SILVER - Superior refurbishment with 6 months parts and labor warranty

BRONZE - High-Quality Good Working Condition refurbishment with 90 days parts and labor warranty

The Rankin Story

Based in Holly, Michigan, Rankin provides hospitals, universities, research institutes, in-office and commercial laboratories a comprehensive range of anatomic pathology lab equipment to enable the processing of various specimens.

Rankin offers a wide range of refurbished and new equipment, depot refurbishment, installation, training, service contracts, parts, and certain consumables.

Rankin began operations in 1995 in Rob’s garage in Clarkston, MI. In 2006, the company moved its operations to a spacious customized facility in Holly, MI where the company has since grown in capability and reputation.

Rankin believes in high quality and that is why we spend more time and money on materials in our refurbishing processes than other companies in our industry. We call the Rankin refurbishment process our Extreme Makeover. Refurbished equipment from Rankin clearly stands out from the rest of the pack on its unmatched aesthetic quality and functional durability. Either by coincidence or design, we fit Bing’s definition of Rankin to the T.


Our refurbishing model brings substantial economic benefit to labs through our low prices, which are typically between 50 to 80% under the prices of equivalent new equipment. We have saved some laboratories tens of thousands of dollars in acquisition costs, allowing them to buy more equipment with their savings.

Rankin is fully committed to; its customers by providing high quality products, its vendors for our profitable partnerships, its employees by providing competitive wages and benefits, and the environment by diverting tons of processed materials from the landfills and directing them back into productive laboratories.

Rankin’s 4 Stakeholder Commitments

customers by providing high quality products

vendors for our profitable partnerships

employees by providing competitive wages and benefits

environment by diverting tons of processed materials away from landfills and directing them back into productive laboratories