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Grossing Hoods – The Front Line of Protection

All laboratory personnel should be aware of and know what personal protective equipment (PPE) they should wear while performing various tasks in the histology laboratory. Employers are responsible for educating laboratory personnel about what hazardous chemicals they might handle, how to handle them safely and what specific protective equipment to wear for each and every task that is performed in the laboratory.

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Bar Code Tracking in Histology

Specimen volumes continue to increase in both hospital and private pathology histology laboratories. Histology laboratories must adopt new procedures and strategies for managing this increasing volume of specimens to ensure the highest quality of patient care. Integration of new equipment and technologies for better management of all histology specimens is crucial.

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Microwave Devices – Why can’t I use a microwave oven that I can buy from an appliance store? Part 2

This blog is Part 2 on microwave devices. Please check the website for Part 1 of the blog where regulations and safety issues related to microwave devices are explained.

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Microwave Devices – Why can’t I use a microwave oven that I can buy from an appliance store? Part 1

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What Should The Blade Angle Be On My Microtome?

Think of it like the steering wheel in a car. What is the ONE correct height and angle? Doesn’t it depend upon the height of the person, the girth of the person, the make of the car, the angle of the seat, and what feels right (it works) for that person?

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What Other Departments do I Need to Contact, if I’m Buying a Piece of Equipment?

Congratulations on being able to buy equipment for your laboratory! Usually, the supervisor has looked into several vendors’ versions of the equipment, researched cost (outright and down the road), and looked to see if it would fit in allotted space. Then comes the matter to convincing department manager that there is a need to spend the money. But what other departments might need to be contacted, way before the decision to buy is made?

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