• New Blades And Knives

    New Blades And Knives (40)

  • Cryostats

    Cryostats (17)

    Cryostats Expect nothing but the best in your frozen sections -  having high-quality equipment is a fundamental determinant for excellent section quality and consistency. With numerous cryostat brands on the market (many of them inferior), it can be difficult to determine which model fits your application. We have made your equipment research a little easier by differentiating cryostats into four subcategories; Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and Bench-Top. Rankin has been refurbishing Cryostats for many years and has the technical expertise and knowledge to do extreme makeovers on many brands.   Let a Rankin sales professional help you select a brand that is reliable, high quality, and time-tested. Call 248.826.2412 now to order or for assistance. 
  • Cytology Instruments

    Cytology Instruments (7)

    Gynecologic and non-gynecologic processing applications are effectively handled by processors in this product group. Screening for the presence of atypical cells, cervical cancer, or its precursor lesions, as well as other cytologic categories, is provided.
  • Microscopes

    Microscopes (11)

    Use a microscope to view your specimen with greater clarity, comfort and control. Rankin’s customizable microscopes utilize technological advances to show you a lit, clear, highly contrasted version of your specimen slide while simultaneously protecting the slide from damage.
  • Microtomes

    Microtomes (33)

    Looking for quality, efficiency, and consistency of your tissue sections? We have sought out the highest quality and most reliable models for your selection. With so many models and variations, we’ll help you determine the most cost-effective model for your specific application. Scroll through our available models as you start your search, then call us so we can help you configure a “best fit”.
  • Slide Stainers

    Slide Stainers (33)

    Slide Stainers From the most simple stain processes to the most critical immunohistochemistry staining processes, we have the perfect new or refurbished stainer to fit your laboratory needs. We carry manual stain sets, linear H&E stainers, IHC/ISH stainers, special stainers, and full stainer/coverslipper work stations. Compare the most important specifications between brands to find the right solution for you application. Please call us with any questions.
  • Slide and Cassette Printers

    Slide and Cassette Printers (7)

    Save time and reduce mistakes by automating your sample identification. Labelers can increase specimen identification throughput by up to ten times. There are a few methods used in labeling a slide or cassette which can be found in the specifications section under each model.
  • Tissue Processors

    Tissue Processors (28)

    Tissue Processing has come a long way since the beginning of histology practices. RBC has a variety of models that will fit your lab based on desired method and throughput. Conventional tissue processors include the legendary Sakura VIP series, the Leica TP and ASP series, and the Thermo Scientific/Thermo Shandon Processors. Rapid tissue processors, also called hybrid processors, incorporate microwave and conventional technology to bring a rapid and quality solution to tissue processing.