Refurbished Microscopes

The compound microscope is the main instrument used to study histology after the slides have been prepared. The microscope must be handled carefully and used properly at all times. Learning the proper techniques for using a microscope will keep it in good working condition, alleviate eyestrain and headaches, and enable optimal visualization of the histology slide.

The compound microscope utilizes a system of precision ground lenses and aligned illumination to give a sharply magnified image of the histology specimen. A microscope is considered compound because of the dual lens system. The magnification obtained by the compound microscope ranges from about 2.5x to 1000x. The most common objective lenses used for histology are 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x.

The main components of a compound microscope are the main Body, Observation Tube, Mechanical Stage for slide manipulation, Eyepieces/Oculars, Revolving Nosepiece, Objective Lenses, Condenser, and the Illuminator.

The most common types of observation methods are Brightfield, Polarized Light, Darkfield, and Phase Contrast.

Camera systems and group observation systems are often added for education, training, and research studies.

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