Mohs Lab Equipment

Mohs Lab Equipment

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. During Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively removed and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains. Mohs surgery is also known as Mohs micrographic surgery.

By using detailed mapping techniques, the Mohs surgeon can pinpoint areas that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, even the smallest root of the cancer can be removed. The end result is to remove as little normal skin as possible. This technique has the highest possibility of curing the cancer, even when other methods of treatment have failed.

Equipment Needed:

  • Cryostat
  • Slide Printer
  • Slide Stainer, Frozen, H&E
  • Fume Containment Hood
  • Microscope

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