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Bambino II™

Boekel Bambino II™

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Whether you are working with Northern Blots, Southern Blots, Microarrays or another application that requires incubation, you will find the Bambino™ Hybridization Oven is a perfect fit for the job. This unit is designed to provide rapid heat-up, excellent temperature stability and efficient mixing for all types of hybridization and incubation applications.

Boekel Scientific provides a full line of accessories for both the Bambino™ Hybridization Oven which make it possible to accommodate many different vessel sizes, types, quantities and orientations.

The Boekel Big S.H.O.T. III™ – a high capacity oven
The Boekel Little S.H.O.T. III™ – a medium capacity oven
The Boekel Bambino II™ – a space saving mini oven

  • Holds up to four 50 mL, six 15 mL or twelve 2.0/ 1.5 mL polypropylene conical centrifuge tubes
  • Forced air convection delivers excellent uniformity
  • Highly compact, yet offers the same features found in larger, more expensive units
  • Tubes rotate within the chamber at an adjustable rate of 6 – 20 RPM
  • A stainless steel heating chamber with sealed floor seam for easy cleaning and a clear acrylic lid
  • Supplied with standard carousel
  • 2 year warranty

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

10"w x 10 1/2"d x 6 1/2"h


13 lbs