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CellPath Block Trimmer Plus

  • CellPath Block Trimmer Plus
  • CellPath Block Trimmer Plus
  • CellPath Block Trimmer Plus

CellPath Block Trimmer Plus

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The CellPath Block Trimmer Plus has been improved with a new trimming surface and an ExacTrim area to remove wax from standard cassettes “Docked and Locked” into the Supa Mega Mother Ship cassette. The CellPath Block Trimmer Plus allows users to remove excess paraffin wax efficiently from the outside of tissue cassettes, with no risk of damage to printed text or barcodes. The melted paraffin wax is collected in a disposable collection pot, ensuring a cleaner process.

Improved design hotplate – trimmed wax is quickly wicked away. ExacTrim locator – removes wax from writing surface of standard cassettes “Docked and Locked” in Supa Mega Mother Ship. Can also be used with conventional blocks as a fine detail trimmer. Large heated work surface – allows user to de-wax multiple blocks at one time. Small footprint – maximizing your bench space. Ultra fast heating system – for rapid warm up, allowing you to get to work quicker. Variable digital temperature control – to meet user needs. Neutral slope – allows for both left and right handed use. Removable waste wax collection system – for a clean process. Memory function – for desired temperature at start-up. Miniature circuit breakers – maximizing usability and safety.
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