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CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System

CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System

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CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System

The CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System utilizes color coded cut inserts to vary the slice thickness (2,3,4 and 5mm), which can be easily changed to adjust to the desired thickness of the specimen slice.

During the grossing, clear Perspex immobilization plates ensure that users are able to control the pressure applied to a specimen, preventing the possibility of deformation during slicing.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, the CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System has been specifically designed to allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Developed in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust 1 (London, UK), the CellPath TruSlice Specimen Grossing System eliminates the possibility of dissection inaccuracies associated with conventional cutting procedures. Suitable for slicing both fresh and fixed tissue, TruSlice enables accurate and consistent grossing of tissue specimens. It significantly reduces the time taken to gross specimens and ensures optimal fixation and high quality tissue processing. TruSlice facilitates the slicing of fresh breast tissues in accordance with recommendations of HER2 testing in the UK2 and ASCO/CAP in the USA.

Key Benefits:

  • Enables accurate and consistent slicing of tissue specimens
  • Suitable for slicing both fresh and fixed tissue
  • Ensures consistent high quality processing and reduced processing times
  • Small footprint takes up minimal space at the grossing bench
  • 50mm immobilization plate facilitates grossing of soft tissue specimens
  • Robust instrument manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional UKAS* calibration set ensures confidence in the accuracy of the grossing system
  • Optional SureCut dissection board specifically developed to accommodate ‘TruSlice’ system as well as a UKAS calibrated ruler

CBA-0100-00A TruSlice Specimen Grossing System comprises:

1   TruSlice Specimen Grossing System
1   TruSlice 2mm Insert – Red
1   TruSlice 3mm Insert – Yellow
1   TruSlice 4mm Insert – Green
1   TruSlice 5mm Insert – Blue
1   TruSlice Small Cutting Insert
1   TruSlice 50mm Immobilization Plate
1   MacroKnife 10” (250mm) Lung Knife
1   TruSlice Quick Start Instructions for Use
1   3mm Allen Hex Key
1   Waterproof case 20.5” with Foam
1   Supa Mega Mother Ship – Sample Pack
1   Supa Mega Slim – Sample Pack

Suggested Accessories:

CBA-0100-00B                 TruSlice SureCut Board – White
QAA-0100-00A                Steel Rule, Rigid, 300mm/12” – UKAS Calibrated*
CBA-0300-00C                 2, 3, 4, 5mm Calibration Set – UKAS Certified*
CAA-1001-01A                 10 Pack MacroKnife 10” (250mm) Lung Knife Description




Blade and Knives


TruSlice Specimen Grossing System CBA-0100-00A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

120mm W x 260mm D x 110mm H


11lbs (5Kg)



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