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General Data Healthcare Routine Tissue Processor RTP-300

General Data Healthcare Routine Tissue Processor RTP-300

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General Data Healthcare Routine Tissue Processor RTP-300

The General Data Healthcare Routine Tissue Processor RTP-300 is designed to meet the day-to-day tissue processing needs of histology labs. The RTP-300 is the most affordable option for producing quality tissue with reliable, consistent results that ensure the best possible patient diagnosis.

• 15” color touch screen controller
• 2 baskets with lids
• 1 Basket carrier
• 12 reagent bottles
• 5 wax bottles
• Charcoal filter
• Condensate bottle
• Remote fill & drain kit
• Power cord
• User manual

Traditional Tissue Processor intended for Small to Medium-size Labs
The General Data Healthcare Routine Tissue Processor RTP-300 features a compact footprint that allows it to fit easily into any size lab. Convenient 2.5 liter bottles allow for efficient processing.
Simple, User-Friendly Operation Provides Ease of Use
Your histotechs can start processing tissue right away without a steep learning curve and long training times. The user-friendly touch screen guides the user with an intuitive menu system and clear user prompts.
Safe for Operators and Technicians
A safety feature is the closed reagent system, which traps vapors and noxious fumes, eliminating xylene, formalin and alcohol fumes. This closed-loop feature also helps reduce evaporation of reagents.
Reagent Management System Maintains Tissue Processing Quality
The RTP-300 has an advanced Reagent Management System (RMS) that alerts the user when the reagents need changing. This feature helps maintain tissue processing quality and eliminates the need for manual shifting of reagent bottles.
Single Rotary Valve Design Increases Reliability
The RTP’s single rotary valve directs the flow of all reagents, waxes and solutions to and from the processing chamber through a single valve, which minimizes carryover and increases reliability.
Remote Fill & Drain Protects Users and Saves Time
The built-in solvent fill and drain allows the user to empty and refill reagent bottles without removing them from the RTP. This useful function insulates users from physical contact with reagents.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

28.34"w x 23.62"d x 56.18"h


339.5 lbs

Power Requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1000W