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General Data Healthcare SHUR Mount II Automated Glass Coverslipper

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General Data Healthcare SHUR Mount II Automated Glass Coverslipper

The General Data Healthcare SHUR Mount II Automated Glass Coverslipper is a user-friendly, ergonomic, automated coverslipper that will effectively cut down your processing time by delivering speed and reliability to your lab workflow. Through-put is greater than 4 slides per minute (approximately 14 seconds per slide) making the SHUR Mount glass coverslipper a great choice for high volume labs. It easily interfaces with the SHUR Stain SS-3030 stainer as well as many other brands of automated stainers. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

The non-pressurized media dispensing system provides excellent bubble-free coverslipping for clear optical viewing – a quality that your pathologists expect. A variety of mounting medias are acceptable.

The coverslipper loading capacity is 60 slides (3 slide baskets holding 20 slides each).

The Shur Mount’s intuitive control panel provides complete control over all functions.

The built-in exhaust fan pulls toxic air out the back of the coverslipper through carbon and the filtered air is recirculated back into the lab. The coverslipper can also be externally vented.

A large transparent acrylic lid allows ample viewing of the coverslipping process and allows you to easily access the essential parts of the instrument for cleaning and maintenance.

The SHUR Mount glass coverslipper’s small footprint gives labs maximum flexibility for effective instrument layout and workflow.

Slide baskets are microwavable for heat disinfection.

Included accessories are: 3 slide baskets (SMAGC-SB), 3 storage racks, a 3 x 20 basket container with lid, a mountant container, a universal coverslip hopper (SMAGC-CH), and exhaust tubing for external venting.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

15.9"w x 20.9"d x 16.9"h


77 lbs