General Data Healthcare TEC-II Tissue Embedding Center

General Data Healthcare TEC-II Tissue Embedding Center

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General Data Healthcare TEC-II Tissue Embedding Center

The General Data Healthcare TEC-II Tissue Embedding Center is a microprocessor-controlled embedding center that utilizes advanced technologies designed for the needs of today’s laboratory. A 2-module design includes an ergonomically designed dispensing console and cold plate console. The TEC-II enables you to program desired operating times, and it will calculate and store individual per-heated times and automatically turn itself On/Off at the proper intervals. Weekends and holidays can be programmed to be exempt from this schedule in order to optimize the durability of the stored paraffin.

The Dispensing Console (TEC2120-DC) has a spacious heated work area, non-glare illumination, and a large swiveling magnifier for optimal operation. All heated surfaces are independently controlled and range in temperature from 50 to 75°C. Six independently heated holes for forceps offer comfortable manipulation of cable-free standard forceps. Optional electrically heated forceps are available. Paraffin flow can be released manually or via a foot switch. The flow rate can be set continuously. The paraffin trays are deep to cover thick tissue. The dispensing console contains a 5-liter paraffin reservoir, heated dispenser nozzle, heated forceps holders, and a cold spot. The cold plate is integrated into the working area within close vicinity to the paraffin nozzle. This provides for simple and fast specimen orientation while processing with short movements. Surplus paraffin is guided into waste drawers via 2 channels. Drawers are easily accessible from the front and can easily be emptied. Removable base mold and cassette trays are independently heated in their own compartments. At the base of the unit, removable paraffin waste drawers collect surplus paraffin.

The Cold Plate (TEC2120-CP) features a large, non-stick surface for cooling paraffin embedded blocks. Temperature can be controlled from 37 to -12°C. The cold plate console can operate connected to the dispensing console or as a stand-alone instrument. The cold plate can be positioned to either the left or right of the dispensing console, depending on working preference of the respective lab. The console’s large cooling surface accommodates more than 60 cassettes/molds

Individual Trays are 7″w x 10″d x 2″h (18x25x5cm)
Paraffin Reservoir – 5 Liters
Left & Right Trays – 1.7 Liters


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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Dispensing Console – 23"w x 26"d x 17"h (58x66x43mm)
Cold Plate Console – 13"w x 24"d x 16"h (33x 61x41mm)
Cold Plate Surface – 12"w x 15"d (30x38mm)

Power Requirements

Dispensing Console
100-120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.5A
220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3.6A

Cold Plate Console
100-120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 3.0A
220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.2A



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