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Leica IP C Cassette Printer

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Leica IP C Cassette Printer

No longer is it necessary to discern “the handwriting on the wall” of cassettes, now you can rely on “the printing on the wall” of cassettes.

The Leica IP C cassette printer permanently prints directly onto cassettes creating highly legible labels. It provides versatile printing of tissue cassettes, including cassettes with two different imprint angles and cassettes with lids.

The Leica IP C cassette printer is fast, reliable, and uses high-quality ink. The special patented ink used in the Leica IP C cassette printer makes imprints that are highly resistant to chemicals and thus resistant to physical wear over time, as well. Employing cassette printers in the laboratory is a secure way to confidently link a specimen to a patient, helping to eliminate transcription errors, mis-identification, and mix-ups caused by illegible handwriting.

The Leica IP C cassette printer’s versatility allows it to print alphanumeric characters, barcodes and logos, all with superior print resolution. Specific advantages of barcode imprints are the excellent tracking capability and efficient workflow they support. Other advantages that the Leica cassette printer provides are reliable archiving and case identification that is fast and accurate.

If you are using pre-taped cassettes, a handy optional external magazine holder is available for easy and convenient loading.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

18.8"w x 25.6"d x 35.3"h -Basic Instrument
21.6"w x 25.6"d x 38.6"h -with Optional Unload Station


62 lbs – Basic Instrument