Leica Peloris Tissue Processor

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Leica Peloris Tissue Processor

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Leica Peloris Tissue Processor

The Leica Peloris Tissue Processor is a dual retort tissue processor that offers fast, high quality tissue processing for histology laboratories. With reagent capacity sufficient to run the two retorts independently, the Peloris allows a high degree of scheduling flexibility. Intelligent software lets you configure the Peloris Tissue Processor to suit your laboratory’s workflows while providing checks and restrictions that help you avoid mistakes that could damage tissue.

The reagent management system closely tracks reagent condition. Depending on your setup, the Leica Peloris Tissue Processor uses this information to select the optimal reagent for each protocol step. It alerts you when to replace reagent so that quality is never compromised, at the same time ensuring you get full use of all reagents. The Peloris offers a clear, intuitive, touch-screen interface makes loading and monitoring runs easy, and protocol configuration, reagent setup and other system settings are equally straightforward.
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Tissue Processors



Dimensions (W x D x H)

33.7”w x 28.4”d x 59”h


730 lbs dry (930 lbs – including reagents)





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