Mortech GL100 Elevating Pathology Grossing Station

Mortech GL100 Elevating Pathology Grossing Station

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Mortech GL100 Elevating Pathology Grossing Station

The Mortech GL100 Elevating Pathology Grossing Station is the brand’s premiere unit. All required features for any grossing procedure come standard.


All stainless steel construction of the entire work area and all exterior closure panels.
Height adjustment from 32in/81cm to 44in/111cm via electro hydraulic mechanism.
Dissecting area rinse to provide a constant flow of water below the work area.
Exhaust duct for connection to building ventilation system with adjustable bellows. Includes both downdraft and backdraft ventilation.
Foot operated faucet control for hot and cold water.
Spray hose assembly with hand control.
Heavy-duty commercial waste disposal, 1/2hp and switch.
Top mounted LED light fixtures.
Formalin container with spigot.
Stainless steel C-fold paper towel holder.
Magnetic instrument holder.
Polyethylene dissecting board.
GFCI duplex receptacle with waterproof cover.


Fume Containment Hoods







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