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Thermo/ IEC MB Micro Hematocrit

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Thermo Scientific / IEC MB Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge

The Micro MB centrifuge is used both as a high-performance microcentrifuge and a microhematocrit centrifuge. This is a quiet, reliable and compact unit that is equipped with momentary spin switch, user-activated brake (hard brake or coast mode), automatic timer (15 min. in 30sec. increments), power interrupt safety cover, audible end of run signal, and 24-place micro hematocrit rotor (#275). A 12 x 2.0 ml rotor (#837) is optional. The Micro MB is easy to use and provides fast and accurate results. It attains a maximum speed of 14,000 rpm (12,700 x g).

The Micro MB for Microhematocrit meets or exceeds all the requirements set forth in the NCCLS “Standard Procedure for the Determination of Packed Cell Volume by the Microhematocrit Method” as well as other U.S. and international standards and protocols.

The hematocrit is a quantitive test of the red cells and the plasma content of a micro-sample of human blood.Learn About Our Rankin Refurbishment Process

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Thermo Scientific / IEC


Clinical Centrifuges



Dimensions (W x D x H)

10"w x 11"d x 9"h (cover closed)
18"h (cover opened)


20 lbs (9.1 kg)

Power Requirements

120VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz