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Mikroscan SL5 Dual Mode Real Time Telepathology and Whole Slide Imaging Solution

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Mikroscan SL5 Dual Mode Real Time Telepathology and Whole Slide Imaging Solution

The SL5 Real-Time Telepathology and Whole-Slide Imaging System is the only compact, portable, and affordable desktop imaging solution that provides both traditional whole-slide imaging plus an optional live mode for real-time telepathology applications. No need to budget for a high-cost, high-throughput scanner, which requires dedicated personnel as well as waiting in a queue for just those few slides of interest. With our 2-slide system you will get what you need quickly and without the high price tag. It is truly the affordable desktop pathology solution you have been waiting for.



With our real-time, dynamic telepathology solution, you can remotely perform a comprehensive, traditional microscopic evaluation of the original glass slide specimen, making it instantaneously available in critical clinical situations.

Using live video streaming and a remotely controlled robotic microscope, you control everything you want to see on the slide — X, Y, and Z axes, from wherever you are. Instantly capture regions of interest, annotations, and even Z-stacks, as you examine the slide specimen.


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