Leica CM3050 S Cryostat

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Leica CM3050 S Cryostat

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The Leica CM3050 S Cryostat is designed primarily for the demanding needs of cryosectioning systems in the field of biomedical, neuro-anatomical and pharmaceutical research. Particularly when working with delicate specimens – for example brain samples in neuroscience – the precise specimen orientation and the specimen feed system via step motor guarantees reproducible thin serial sections of maximum quality.

The Leica CM3050 S Cryostat features superior user comfort with excellent safety standards for practically all types of cryosectioning applications. It is the instrument of choice for all cryosectioning research applications and also for advanced clinical cryosectioning needs. The Leica CM3050 S Cryostat includes as a standard feature, a sectioning motor, ensuring fatigue-free ribbon sectioning, and you can select the section thickness at the control panel, outside the cryochamber.

The Leica CM3050 S Cryostat can be easily disinfected with Leica Cryofect disinfectant spray at a temperature of around –20°C. The entire cleaning process is completed within less than 25 minutes.




Automatic Cryostats


CM3050 S

Dimensions (W x D x H)

35 x 30 41 in


397 lbs





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