Leica CM1520 Cryostat

Leica CM1520 Cryostat

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The Leica CM1520 cryostat is a high-performance cryostat with disinfection system for routine and research applications in biology, medicine and industry. The instrument is used to freeze and section specimen material quickly. The Leica CM1520 is also suitable for IVD (in vitro diagnostics). The CM1520 offers exceptional reliability and low maintenance thanks to a fully encapsulated microtome, a removable object head for easy cleaning, and a field-proven microtome design. The fan is extra calm, substantially reducing the noise output of the working unit. The Leica CM1520 cryostat offers a high-precision microtome with stepper motor feed-in and accurate specimen centering with zero-position.


• Precise control and exceptional reliability
• Advanced ergonomics
• Automatic hot gas defrost, maximum freezing –35 °C


Cutting stroke: 59 mm
Max specimen size: 55×55 mm or 55×80 mm




Manual Cryostats


CM 1560

Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.6 x 28.7 x 44.8 in


298 lbs





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