General Data Healthcare SHURClean Ductless 36″ Sloped-Front Fume Containment Hood

General Data Healthcare SHURClean Ductless 36″ Sloped-Front Fume Containment Hood

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General Data Healthcare SHURClean Ductless Sloped-Front Fume Containment Hood

This SHURClean Active 36″ Fume Hood provides adequate ventilation to safely and effectively protect technicians from the hazardous fumes associated with the chemicals and solvents used in the lab.  It offers the perfect ventilation system for the histologist performing grossing applications with xylene and formaldehyde.

The innovative design has a built-in updraft filter for areas where HVAC ventilation is not available or possible.  It’s an ideal solution for adding fume hoods to existing labs without the need for extensive equipment reconfiguration.

It features a double-hinged front sash that provides convenient access for multiple applications.  A user-friendly LED control panel enables the user to easily program and control ON/OFF times and fan speeds for optimal efficiencies and fume management.


  • Xylene resistant panels
  • Breathable air through an activated charcoal filter
  • Completely ductless
  • Does not require any special installation
  • Portable

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Fume Containment Hoods


Active Sloped-Front

Dimensions (W x D x H)




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