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Ventana BenchMark XT Slide Stainer

Roche Ventana BenchMark XT Slide Stainer

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Roche Ventana BenchMark XT Slide Stainer

The Roche Ventana BenchMark XT slide stainer is a fully automated slide preparation system with the flexibility you need to expand your test menu, process more slides and improve your slide turnaround time. All with no increase in staff. You choose how to use the BenchMark XT to optimize your staff efficiency and report results sooner.

The Roche Ventana BenchMark XT slide stainer is a random access system that gives you what you want, when you want it. It minimizes overall reagent usage, prevents evaporation and protects sample from drying, and ensures uniform distribution of antibodies. It features a buffer jet slide washer, patented air mixer, and controlled heating. It assures clean crisp slides with no carryover, offers innovative easy-to-use software, and uses minimal reagent (100 ul) for complete slide coverage.

The Roche Ventana BenchMark XT slide stainer’s bar-code driven slides and reagents complete the hands-off automation of IHC, in situ, and FISH.


20 different protocols per run
Innovative easy-to-use software
Minimal reagent 100 ul for complete slide coverage
Controlled heating, enhances reaction time for rapid turnaround

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BenchMark XT

Dimensions (W x D x H)

35″w x 26″d x 60.25″h


385 lbs (175 kg)