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Thermo Shandon Pathcentre Tissue Processor

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The Shandon Pathcenter Enclosed Tissue Processor 75210045 with PCB Enclosure Extention 75210047 offers a unique circular shaped reaction chamber which promotes maximum fluid penetration through baskets and cassettes for the ultimate in processing quality and consistency. The practical design incorporates a 306-cassette-capacity basket plus the ability to add up to three extra processing modules for high-throughput laboratories. It allows user selectable heat, vacuum and pressure at every step which optimizes the efficiency of the processing routines you choose. The PTFE sealed reaction chamber lid is easily operated with one hand for loading and unloading of cassettes. 4 stainless steel 4.3 liter capacity wax baths are standard. The smooth contoured top surface prevents hidden build up of wax or reagents and is easy to keep clean. Rapid flush cycles minimize operational downtime, quickly cleaning the processor for the next batch of specimens. An optional extended flush cycle can be used when more thorough cleaning is required. Reagent bottles are designed to plug-in easily and positively with one hand, with connection directly to the processors reagent/air supply. Tissue baskets are specially designed for ease of loading allowing maximum reagent flow through and penetration around the cassettes for optimal processing efficiency. It features multi-lingual user defined programming of your individual processing routines with the option of naming your own reagents. An extended program feature is available to program up to 9 processing routines per processing module – up to 36 programs with add-on extension modules. The easy-to-operate soft touch key pad control clearly identifies each function in international symbols. Power requirements are 100-120V, 50/60 Hz, 1200VA.
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Thermo Shandon


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