American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome

  • American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome
  • American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome
  • American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome

American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome

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American Optical 860 Sliding Microtome

The American Optical 860 sliding microtome is a fine instrument, ideal for accurately cutting hard objects such as bone, wood, frozen celloidin, and paraffin preparations. The heavy-duty frame, with its horizontal sliding track and precise feed mechanism, is securely mounted on a large hardwood base (21″w x 12″d).

Cutting thickness is adjustable from 1 to 40 microns using the automatic advance mechanism. When the automatic advance mechanism is removed, operation in manual mode allows for even thicker sections.

The American Optical 860 sliding microtome has easily adjustable vertical motion of specimen. A crank, geared to the 1/2″ diameter feed screw, allows the specimen to be moved, up to or away from, the cutting position quickly. The universal specimen holder allows X-Y orientation and manual advance and retraction. The specimen is moved precisely either automatically or manually, over a total feed excursion of 42mm. The specimen is oriented to desired angle by a bail and flange clamp with three adjusting screws.

The knife is clamped to a 3 1/2″w x 6″l block, which slides on a horizontal surface at the top of the main casting. The knife setting allows any desired cutting angle, or angle to direction of travel. A scale indicates the angle of tilt of the knife.

Our refurbished American Optical 860 sliding microtome comes with a standard knife holder, spacer for knife holder, specimen holder with “V” groove, advance mechanism, base board, 22mm object disc, and a bottle of lubricating oil.

AO 860 optional accessories:

Brass freezing stage (new) that operates on ethanol and dry ice. It measures 3 1/4″ x 4″ and is suitable for cutting blocks up to 3″ x 2″. Includes 2 fiberboard rings
Adjustable knife holder
Knives (new) See Sturkey under our Knife category
Object discs – 30mm, 38mm, 51mm
Various size spacers for knife holder

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American Optical


Sliding Microtomes



Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 1/2"w x 11"d x 11 1/2"h


82 lbs



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