Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor

  • Cytyc Thinprep 2000 Processor
  • Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor
  • Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor
  • Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor

Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor

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Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor

The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor, now under the Hologic brand name, is an automated slide preparation unit that produces remarkably uniform thin-layer slides free of obscuring artifacts such as blood, mucus and inflammation, improving clarity and specimen adequacy.

This lightweight benchtop unit with a compact footprint has a track record of more than 20 years of laboratory success. Thousands of ThinPrep processors are in use worldwide. This versatile processor is lightweight and multiple units can be easily operated by a single operator. It is compatible with ThinPrep Pap test, ThinPrep Non-Gyn and ThinPrep UroCyte samples. The processor is simple and easy to use, with minimal consumables needed and an intuitive design to enable single sample processing, thus reducing the risk of chain-of-custody errors.

The ThinPrep process begins with the patient’s gynecologic sample being collected by the clinician using a cervical sampling device which, rather than being smeared on a microscope slide, is immersed and rinsed in a vial filled with PreservCyt Solution. The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor sample vial is then capped, labeled, and sent to a lab equipped with a ThinPrep 2000 Processor.

The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor makes use of mechanical, pneumatic, and fluidic principles for cell dispersion, collection, and transfer. A rotary drive mechanism gently disperses samples through steps that break up blood, mucus, non-diagnostic debris, and then thoroughly mixes the sample. A pneumatic/fluidic system, controlled by a microprocessor, monitors cell collection. Electrochemical principles, the pneumatic and fluidic systems, the natural binding qualities of cells, and the qualities of the Cytyc TransCyt Filter are responsible for cell transfer. Each ThinPrep Processor slide preparation processing sequence is optimized for the biological characteristics of the various cytological specimens.

A negative pressure pulse is generated which draws fluid through a ThinPrep Filter that collects a thin, even layer of diagnostic cellular material. The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor constantly monitors the rate of flow through the ThinPrep Filter during the collection process to prevent the cellular presentation from being too scant or too dense. The cellular material is then transferred to a glass slide and fixed.

With the Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor, up to 50,000 samples per year can be performed per 8 hour shift. Throughput is approximately 25 samples per hour.

Comes with the following for complete operation: ThinPrep 2000 Base Unit, Operator Manual, Program Memory Card (gynecology), Power Cord, Filter Caps with O-Rings (2), spare Filter Seal 0-Ring, full Waste Bottle assembly and Cap, High Vacuum Silicon Grease, and Sealed Cylinder for testing. Does not include consumables.

FISH Program Memory Card and UroCyte Software Card with Instructions is sold separately.




Cytology Processors


ThinPrep 2000

Dimensions (W x D x H)

18"w x 15"d x 19.5"h (46 x 38 x 50 cm)


41 lbs (18.6 kg)

Power Requirement

100/120 VAC at 2 amps, 47 – 63 Hz, 200 watts max
220/240 VAC at 1 amp



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