Roche Ventana BenchMark ULTRA Slide Stainer

Roche Ventana BenchMark ULTRA Slide Stainer

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Roche Ventana BenchMark ULTRA Slide Stainer

The Roche Ventana BenchMark ULTRA slide stainer with new Ultimate Reagent Access (URA) is the world’s first platform that allows laboratories to process individual immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) samples as soon as they arrive in the lab. This enhancement allows labs to quickly respond to unpredictable changes in workflow, improving test turnaround time and reducing stress associated with day-to-day laboratory variability.

BenchMark ULTRA with URA is also the first IHC/ISH system worldwide that provides unprecedented workflow control, allowing lab technicians the ability to add and remove slides and reagents at any time throughout the day. URA now completes the total system access of ULTRA, increasing overall slide turnaround time since instrument preparation tasks can be managed while slides are processing. Multi-parameter testing, such as dual and triple stains, may be performed independent of other slides, allowing for rapid patient results. With URA, labs can manage workflow with random access to 30 individual staining chambers, allowing for real-time STAT processing.

This stainer provides an individual slide processing solution that gives you unprecedented workflow control, enabling your lab to easily manage STAT requests with no delay to in-process slides. The Roche Ventana BenchMark ULTRA slide stainer with Ultimate Reagent Access allows access to any slide, any reagent, at any time.

The BenchMark ULTRA slide stainer improves turnaround times and efficiency and delivers faster turnaround times with Lean Six Sigma “single piece flow” processing. It processes all slides in each patient’s case together, to eliminate sorting. The exact status of patient samples can be viewed with an intuitive visual instrument interface.

The BenchMark ULTRA slide stainer immediately processes STAT and late-arriving samples, and quickly responds to unexpected test requests without impacting other cases in process. It efficiently adds reagents as needed to enable immediate processing, ensuring fast delivery of slides to pathologists.



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BenchMark ULTRA

Dimensions (W x D x H)

44 × 33.1 × 62.4" (1117.6×840.7×158.5mm)


650 lbs (294.8 kg)





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