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Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor

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Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor

The Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor is an automatic tissue processor that provides ten programs for fixing, dehydrating, clearing and paraffin impregnating human, animal or plant specimens. Operator programming is easy with ten retained processing programs and a self-calculation delay timer up to 99 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes. Programs are protected with battery backup.

The Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor includes 14 graduated polyethylene bottles; 10 for processing solutions, 2 for cleaning reagents and 2 for fume control. Reagents, as well as molten paraffin, are moved in and out of the retort that contains the specimen by means of alternating pressure and vacuum. The fume control filtering and ventilation system provides a fume-free environment while minimizing the exposure of specimens to air.

The Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor has program options that include processing time for each station, reagent heat, use of alternating pressure/vacuum, and end of processing time with a full range of status, alarm and safety features.

The VIP 2000 utilizes four 3-liter removable paraffin vessels. Stations 1-10 are adjustable per station from ambient 35-50 C; paraffin stations 11-14 are adjustable per station from 55-70 C. The Sakura VIP 2000 Tissue Processor has a 200 specimen capacity and can operate up to 100 hours/step.


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VIP 2000, Floor model 4618

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Bench model: 40″w x 24″d x 23″h (102x61x58cm)


242 lbs