Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor

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Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor

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Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor

The Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor is ideal for histology labs that process small to medium size biopsies. The Histos 3 and 5 can process up to 110 cassettes and the microwaved tissue specimens are excellent for routine staining, HC, IHC and FISH. The Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor was made to be user friendly and has extremely high processing flexibility and simplicity.

The Milestone Histos 3/5 Microwave Tissue Processor combines microwave irradiation with computer control of time, power and temperature. The thickness of sampled tissues is controlled to no more then 3 mm thickness.

Separate microwave and wax cavities allow:

1. Processing
2. Decalcification
3. Special Stains
4. Time/Temperature
5. Fixation
6. Gross Hardening


• Full microprocessor control of 800W emitted power.
• Mode stirrer technology for optimal microwave field homogeneity.
• All stainless steel construction (1) with ceramic bottom plate.
• Cabinet coating resistant to organic solvents and acids.
• Four fast release microswitches instantly interrupt microwave emission when door is opened (2, 3).
• Built-in heavy duty exhaust fan (4) (55 m3/h – 32.4 cfm) forextraction of vapors to fume hood to fulfill CAP and CLSI guidelines

Additional Specifications:

Histoprocessing: Same-day processing and diagnosis using 2-3 reagents only with low toxicity: FineFix, ethanol, isopropanol, JFC, ProWave
Decalcification: decalcification plus histoprocessing of bone marrow biopsies in 240 minutes
Special Stains: GMS (fungi) in 25′ – Masson trichrome in 32′ – Alcian blue in 13′ – Grimelius (agyrophil) in 13′
Gross Hardening: 45/60 minutes
Epitope Retrieval: Walk-away, automatic documented protocols

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Histos 3 & 5

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