Used Tissue-Tek Stainless Steel Base Molds

Used Tissue-Tek Stainless Steel Base Molds

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Used Tissue-Tek Stainless Steel Base Molds

These used Tissue-Tek stainless steel base molds fit most standard tissue embedding cassettes. The base molds are made from high quality stainless steel for optimal thermal conductivity. The surface is highly polished for easy paraffin block removal and cleaning. The well corners are rounded for easy tissue block removal and optimal paraffin ribboning.

    Tissue-Tek     Description (mm)        Pack       Price

4121           Base Mold 16x16x6     12/pk     75.00
4122            Base Mold 22x22x6     12/pk     75.00
4123            Base Mold 32x25x6     12/pk     75.00
4124            Base Mold 38x25x6     12/pk     80.00
4131            Base Mold 22x22x12   12/pk     80.00
4132            Base Mold 32x25x12   12/pk     80.00
4133            Base Mold 38x25x12   12/pk     80.00







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